We want to give our customers complete peace of mind by achieving one of two outcomes – “Great, I know that I don’t have melanoma”, or “Thank goodness it was found early and can be treated!” – Adrian Bowling (CEO)

The unique idea of MoleMap came about as a team of dermatologists recognised that melanomas were being missed in routine skin checks, as doctors did not always have the technology or skills to recognise melanomas, particularly at the early stage.

MoleMap Dermatologists formed a team of scientists, engineers, software developers and highly skilled melanographers and together they pioneered a thorough program that detects melanoma earlier and more accurately– a system that ultimately helps to save lives.

Since 1997 we have seen over 250,000 patients, assessed over 5 million moles through our 50 clinics across Australia, New Zealand and United States; but most importantly, up to 10 times more melanomas are being diagnosed at an earlier stage through our program than would have been identified by doctor based visual examinations.

The more people we see. The more melanoma we can find. The more lives we can save.

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