Invisible Zinc is giving away 400 MoleMaps!

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Posted 28/01/14
Invisible Zinc Spot Check Month

Everyone should have at least one MoleMap in their lifetime. The idea is that by having a MoleMap you create an exact record of your skin and moles, so you can identify if any new ones have appeared, or if any of your moles have changed. This way, any potential issues can be detected and treated early.

This January, Invisible Zinc is raising the awareness and importance of early melanoma detection and is giving away 400 free initial MoleMap consultations. COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Winners to be announced shortly.

Do you know of someone who has not had their skin checked and needs to have a MoleMap? Watch the video below and share it with family and friends. Also, for every share of the video, Invisible Zinc is donating $1 to The Genome Project to fund research into fighting the bad spots!

As part of Invisible Zinc's Spot Check month, Fifi Box came into MoleMap to have her skin checked by Michelle. See the video below:

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