As healthcare professionals, we all know the burden of skin cancer on the Australian population is significant with two out of three Australians expected to get a skin cancer by the time they are 70.

Early detection is key to successful outcomes for all types of skin cancer. To achieve this, it is important for individuals to check their own skin at home and present anything concerning to you, their doctor in a timely manner.

Some of your patients will be at higher risk of melanoma due to one or more of these factors:

  • A personal or family history of melanoma
  • 50 or more moles
  • 15 or more atypical moles
  • A history of solarium use

For these patients, melanoma surveillance and diagnosis services may be appropriate, and MoleMap is here to helpPatients can book direct at or by phoning 1800 665 362

We also would like to support you and your practice by offering FREE materials and services. You might have received our patient guide to check their own skin. This guide was intended to help patients understand what types of lesion are worrisome and those that are less so. Many doctors have found this guide extremely useful, so we are now making it easier than ever for you to order more with this form.

You can also register to our Education and Database Services which include:

  • MoleMap Connect allows doctor access to the MoleMap online patient database to view lesion images and accompanying dermatologist diagnoses to assist in the management of your patient’s skin.
  • MoleMap Case Studies (usually quarterly) provide information on subjects including dermoscopy, melanoma diagnosis and melanoma surveillance imaging.

We look forward to helping you to manage the skin cancer risk of your patients.

Order Skin Check and Melanoma Surveillance Materials